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  Muzzle Blasts - August 1996  

Hopefully the gallery will give the customer a good idea of pricing. Prices vary from about $1700 to $7000 depending on the complexity of the piece.

To commission a piece, the buyer, upon reaching agreement with the gunmaker, will recieve an informal contract describing the project in detail and the cost. The buyer may purchase the major components or authorize the gunmaker to act as his agent to purchase the components and materials necessary to construct the firearm. The cost of the components constitutes the down payment. Upon completion the buyer pays the balance of the agreed upon price and the firearm is shipped with a ten day inspection period during which the customer may return the piece in the condition it was first shipped for a full refund. The customer's only obligation is return shipping charges.

The waiting period for commissioned pieces will never be less than four months. The gunmaker will not accept further orders when the backlog approaches two years.

Payment may be made with cash, money order, cashiers check, or a personal check that has cleared the bank.

I do not accept credit cards. Profit margins are too small to pay fees involved.

A 6% sales tax applies for any piece shipped to a PA address.

The gunmaker can be contacted at (717) 394-8528 after 6 PM EST - or - Leave a message. He can also be reached by email at julie@billshipman.com to avoid phione tag. Emails are typically answered daily unless out of town.